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Governor's Island

By Venisha Henry, Alexis Brown, Jahtah Brown



When you visit Governors Island, you are escaping the loud, crowded, and grunginess to “NYC’s Better Side”.

Concept: Living in the city can be overwhelming, when you need a break, escape the city to Governor’s Island. Although Governor's Island is still in NYC it has a completely different feeling than NYC.

Execution: Placing NYC’s most iconic nuisances juxtaposed some of the beautiful elements of Governor’s Island that have a similar shape. This is to show that NYC and Governors Island are similar but different.


Interactive Experience: We will use televisions placed amongst the mounds of trash in NYC. 

When unsuspecting people walk past the television, they will be greeted by our GI Advisor who will be live from Outlook Hill.

The tv will behave in the same fashion as a web camera and allowing our GI Adviser to hold conversations with passersby.

The GI Advisor will convince passersby to visit GI for a group hike and dinner. 

Goal: Producing owned media by creating a video, the video can be translated into shared media once it goes viral. Finally earned media, when our participants upload their experience to social media.


A Whale of a Situation

To take advantage of the whale sitings at Governor's Island, we would develop and another campaign similar to my main campaign. We'd take photos of the majestic whales and place them juxtaposed to the grungey side of new york. We would place advertisements of the whales on subways, buses, and taxis around NYC. 

Visitors would be encouraged to take similar photos and use the hashtag, OverwhaledGI

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