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By Venisha Henry, Carmen Quang, Eqbal Anwari, Jose Alvarado

Come along as we develop a brand for the heart of Manhattan, Harlem.

Goal: Showcase Harlem’s unique essence rooted in its rich cultural diversity & historic connection to music, art, and architecture through branding.

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Getting to know the neighborhood

Before we could begin designing this project, we needed to understand the current perceptions of the neighborhood to understand why Harlem is considered one of the most unique places in the world. We launched a qualitative survey and interviews concurrently.

We discovered:

Harlem has a uniquely deep culture.

Harlem is the creative heart of Manhattan.

Harlemites showcase authenticity in many forms.

Insight: Harlem is the creative heart of Manhattan.

The color scheme was developed from three important features of Harlem.

Culture: Harlem features a diverse set of people, which has stems from its rich history, as a result, the people of Harlem have a unique individuality that continues to cement as its future continues to evolve.

Authenticity: Harlemites lack fear as they are always their true selves, from their genuine treatment of all they surround to showcasing their personality through to the way they adorn themselves in clothing/ accessories that express their interest. 

Rhythm: Rhythm is an integral part of Harlem, music was deeply embedded into their history and continues to influence the area. Harlem still participates in theater and arts. 

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Developing a Visual System

We took Harlem's most iconic location, 125th st bridge, and combined it with a french horn which is synonymous with jazz music representing Harlem's connection with music.

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Logo Variations

In order to make the logo more flexible to fit in areas that have limited space, we designed a vertical logo.

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Harlem is home to a diverse set of people originally coming from all corners of the world. There are people from Kilimanjaro to Antilles and Polynesia to Flanders, but they all have equally contributed to the rich history and culture of Harlem that continues to flourish and evolve for the better. We wanted to make sure this was represented in our tagline.

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